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Mission Statement

The New Hampshire Justice of the Peace Association promotes professionalism and integrity by requiring members to comply with a Code of Ethics and promotes Education through meetings, workshops and networking.

The office of Justice of the Peace in New Hampshire has powers and responsibilities that involve dealing with the private affairs and rights of individuals and as such, demands sensitivity and confidentiality and the maintenance of the highest standards in the performance of all appointed duties. Members are therefore obliged to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Association and to conduct themselves in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association.


Code of Ethics

1. Members will transact all business of the Association through proper channels and hold inviolate all confidential information.

2. Members will not engage in conduct that conflicts with the best interests of the Association or any member of the Association.

3. Members will use ethical procedures in the practicing of their profession and remain true to the Oaths of Office taken at the Justice of the Peace Appointment.

4. Members will maintain a working knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and obligations of a New Hampshire Justice of the Peace by participating in ongoing education such as that provided by the Association.

5. Members shall refrain from signing a couple’s Marriage License until a ceremony befitting the occasion has been conducted.



Judith Wilhelmy

President - Founder


Nancy Lavallee

Vice President - Co-founder & Membership Chair

Wayne Sevin 2023.jpeg

Wayne Sevin



Dan Soucy

Chairperson of Education
and Partnerships

Berger Headshot 1.jpg

Patricia Berger

Chaiperson of By-laws,

Nominations and Elections


Lisa Law


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