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  • Support and Encouragement from fellow members

  • Listing and Referrals on both our websites

  • Referrals from other members

  • Use of NHJPA Logo for website and professional use

  • Current Information and Changes in the Law

  • Subscription to NHJPA Times, our Newsletter

  • The opportunity to have legal papers signed and/or notarized at our meetings

  • Member workshops and tours


Wayne Sevin - JP - Pittsfield, NH

Wayne Sevin

Paul & Liz Calabria, JP - Milford, NH
Paul & Liz Calabria

What I love most about being a member of the New Hampshire Justice of the Peace Association is that from the very first meeting I attended, I felt like I was part of the family. Since becoming a member in the spring of 2019, I have learned so many valuable skills that have sharpened my proficiency at being a Justice of the Peace in our state. Being a member of this association has made me extremely confident in my profession.


I would truly recommend this association to anyone, whether you are seasoned JP or someone who is just starting out. The educational programs that are given at a NHJPA meeting are so beneficial. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained from being a member of the "New Hampshire Justice of the Peace Association" family.

In 2017 we made the wonderful decision to join the New Hampshire Justice of the Peace Association.  Since that time, we have made connections, learned so much and our business has grown. The connections that we have made will last a lifetime.  We have been able to collaborate with fellow members on occasion. We refer and receive referrals often. We have had the opportunity to cover for and get coverage if needed and it is great to know that we can reach from this fabulous association.

At the NHJPA meetings, we are always impressed to learn something new through fellow member demos.  Also at the meetings, we all share ideas and suggestions which is always helpful.

Since becoming members, our wedding business has grown.  We are so thankful for all of our connections and friends that we have made.  We both highly recommend joining the NHJPA and become part of a wonderful group!

Kimberly Steward, JP - Intervale, NH
Kimberly Steward

I have been a member of the NHJPA since 2008 and a Justice of the Peace since 2001. Professionally, my association with the organization means that I have an easily accessible, professional group of people to reach out to for various reasons. I might need a qualified substitute for a wedding because I’m sick, or I wish to pass on an inquiry that may be better suited for someone else due to geography. I may run into a problem I am unsure of how to handle but this means I have a group of colleagues I can reach out to for guidance and back-up. 

Being given the chance to meet some other JP’s personally has strengthened the professional relationship I have with them. For those of us in the “North Country”, we are fewer and farther between than those in the southern part of the state. We rely on each other often and refer couples to each other easily. When a couple reaches out to me to see if I’m available, I’m always glad to pass along the contact information for other members as well as the website to help them find someone to officiate for their special day. 

E Ann Poole, JP - Hillsborough, NH

The NHJPA is a friendly, welcoming, and active professional association of Justices of the Peace in the State of New Hampshire. In addition to meeting regularly, NHJPA members are kept informed of changes in marriage laws as well as the latest members' news items, offers and discounts online and via social media.  I have found NHJPA to be highly responsive and supportive when answering questions and tackling difficult issues.  You can count on an NHJPA member to deliver the highest degree of service and professionalism to meet your needs.  I’m proud to be a member of NHJPA and encourage fellow Justices’ of the Peace to join!

E. Ann Poole
Business Meeting

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